June 7th, 2009

Unfortunately as I was making this drink, Jens Pulver got caught in a guillotine choke in an ending that I think even made his opponent a little sad. I have nothing against Josh Grispi, but I do love Jens Pulver, so I’m not sure how to feel about this drink. It’s yummy, though. All measurements are approximate; I was eyeballing them due to the Pulver/Grispi fight already being underway at the time of mixing.

3 oz from a jar of simple syrup I found in my fridge. I don’t know what it is, but there are lavender and cardamom pods in it, and some sort of citrus peel.

2 oz Nonino Gioiello spirits

1 oz Dry Vermouth

3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Pour mixture over ice cubes in a highball glass and fill rest of glass with tonic water. Stir. Garnish with orange slice. Scream in fury as Pulver loses in under a minute and then gives a Rocky speech hinting at retirement.

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