May 5th, 2009

April 2008

Spring again here on the Magothy–how does the time fly this way? and this spring I have such wonderful things to look forward to–my dear friend Kate’s sister Stephanie is getting married in November, which gives me exactly six months to figure out how to make the candy I’ve suggested for favors for her wedding. When I figure them out, I’ll post them here, of course. In the meantime, I’ll be talking caramels…because spring always makes me think of caramels. I don’t know why.

Well, maybe I do. When I was a girl, the boardwalk at the south end of Bayside was a pilgrimage site from the first ray of warm sun in March to the passing of the last breeze with any hint of summer flavor sometime around October. Everybody went. The grade-school hierarchy transferred itself to the boardwalk as if the little storefronts and the benches across the boards were little colonies. The popular kids ruled Vinegar Tom’s Boardwalk Fries.  The drama geeks took over the 50’s themed Shimmy Shack. Kids on dates went to the Griddle on Grand for pancakes. How pancakes became the official date food of my graduating class I have no idea, but that’s how you knew you were about to get serious in a relationship. Nobody took hookups out for pancakes. It wasn’t done. On the other hand, if your significant other herded you, however casually, toward Tosser’s Pizza at any point in your relations, you were honor-bound to (at minimum) sock him in the mouth or (if the situation merited) kick him in the balls. Either way you knew things were doomed. Kind of a shame, since Tosser’s has pretty good pizza considering it’s still only seventy-five cents a slice.

For me, the pilgrimage began and ended at Beurre/Sucre (which as as a kid I used to pronounce berserker…not that my French has improved much since) for caramel. Fall came not with the sign of falling leaves but with caramel apples, and springtime arrived not when snowdrops and crocus came up, but when Beurre/Sucre put out their garden caramels: flower-inspired bites of sunshine even if it was still bitter and rainy outside.

So that’s why spring is for caramels at Magothy Treats! Recipes for my Bouquet Caramels are coming soon!

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