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  • 2 oz Stone’s Ginger
  • 1 oz Bols Genever
  • 3 shakes Fee Brothers Bitters
  • Dash of grenadine

Shake well and garnish with 3 cranberries from a jar of cranberries in creme de cassis that you (thank God) have in your fridge. Serve with whatever you have on hand, perfectly arranged on an antique plate. Obsess over both drinks and snacks in order to keep yourself from looking obsessively out the window in case supposed assassins have followed your friend to your shop. At all costs, do not allow your friend to see you looking out window. Attempt to save at least some of what you have just mixed and plated for your friend, who is probably much more shaken than you are.

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September 9th, 2009 | No Comments »

It’s Plum Pudding Day! And I would’ve been all ready to start steaming at this point, but I forgot that I hadn’t candied the lemon peels yet, so I am literally watching a pot full of lemon peels boil. It’s scintillating, by which I mean it’s not remotely. So I made myself this drink:

1 Part B&B liqueur

1 Part Orange Peel Syrup (This is what was left in the pot after the final step of semi-candying orange peels for the Plum Puddings. I started with 2 cups water, 1 cup light brown sugar, and 1 cup fresh orange juice-squeezed from the oranges I’d taken the peels from–and, of course, the peels of three oranges, which had already been boiled twice, for ten minutes, in fresh changes of water. Once the orange peels were translucent and the liquid was reduced to about 1/2 cup, I strained out the oranges and kept the resulting syrup and mixed it with B&B. The lesson is, never throw anything away.  Just mix it with liquor.)